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Mana Ashida Voices Mysterious Girl Okami-sama in Lonely Castle in the Mirror Anime Film



The official website for the forthcoming anime film adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura’s fantasy novel Kagami no Kojou (English edition title: Lonely Castle in the Mirror) announced today that 18-year-old actress Mana Ashida voices Okami-sama, a mysterious girl wearing a wolf mask who gathers the seven junior high school students, including the protagonist Kokoro, in the castle in the mirror, and holds the key to the story. Her voice could be heard in previous trailers, but the casting was announced for the first time.


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Ashida works primarily in live-action films and dramas (including Mako Mori as a child in Pacific Rim), but has also voiced lead roles in several anime feature films, such as Ruka Azumi in Children of the Sea (2019) and Yui in The House of the Lost on the Cape (2021).



Message from Mana Ashida:


I am a big fan of Mizuki Tsujimura-san, so I still somewhat can’t believe to be a part of the world of a story that I really love, and I am also really happy about it. When I first read the original story, I was close in age to the main characters, so I was surprised at how much they represented our feelings. Now that I am older and closer to adulthood, reading the story again, I feel that the characters’ very straight and pure feelings remind me of something, and I think one of the charms of Tsujimura-san’s works is that they connect adults and children. I hope that many people around the same age as Kokoro, as well as many more adults, will see this film.





60-second new trailer revealing Mana Ashida’s name: 



30-second trailer: 



The film is set to be released in Japan on December 23, 2022. Keiichi Hara (Crayon Shin-chan films, Birthday Wonderland) serves as director and A-1 Pictures (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Sword Art Online) works on anime production. 


The film’s official website introduces its story as below:


One day, a mirror in Kokoro’s room suddenly began to glow in front of her eyes, as she had lost her place at school and was confined to her room. She walked through the shining mirror to find a mysterious castle-like building. There were seven people in a similar situation to Kokoro. It is said that a secret “key” is hidden in the castle, and whoever finds it will have their wish come true. Why were these seven people gathered together? and where is the key? When everything is revealed, you will be surprised and moved.



Main poster visual:



Source: “Lonely Castle in the Mirror” anime film official website / Twitter


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