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See Rick and Morty: The Anime’s Psychedelic Opening

A lot of reveals were made over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, and that includes a first look at Rick and Morty: The Anime. This video starts out with the anime’s oftentimes psychedelic opening credits, and then moves on to a subtitled message from writer and director Takashi Sano.

Sano assures people he’s a fan of the original Rick and Morty cartoon, and then explains, “What I’ve tried to accomplish in these 10 episodes is to take all my favorite parts of watching Rick and Morty, compress them down to extract their essence, and then add a unique Japanese twist.”

He continued, “I’d like you to enjoy Rick and Morty’s adventures as they’re whisked through time and space, tangled up in all sorts of chaos. And after all 10 episodes, I think you’ll find yourself in a peculiar state of mind. And that state, I believe, best reflects the feelings I get watching Rick and Morty. . . Please, do check it out!”

He bows to the camera and bids us goodbye at the end of the video.

Sano was additionally behind Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)” anime shorts. Kaichi Sato, who has also made short Rick and Morty anime, has spoken with Otaku USA previously about it.

The anime is being made at Telecom Animation Film and is being executive produced by Jason DeMarco and Joseph Chou. It’s also being produced by Sola Entertainment. The CGI director is Sou Ki of Souki Production, the composite director is Tatsuo Noguchi, and the person in charge of editing is Yoshihiro Kasahara.

A debut date has not yet been released, but when Rick and Morty: The Anime comes out, it will be available on Adult Swim, Adult Swim Canada, and HBO Max.

Source: ANN


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