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Man in Hokkaido Arrested for Alleged Theft of Gundam Models

gundam models

A Hokkaido man is under suspicion of some Mobile Suit Gundam thievery in a case that saw two high-end Gundam models being stolen and then resold around the city. According to a report from Hokkaido Television Broadcasting, the 22-year-old office worker allegedly stole the pair of Gundam plastic models, worth a combined ¥47,520 (about US$350), from a bookstore on May 1.

After that, the man was spotted via CCTV footage attempting to resell those same figures at various second hand stores. Thanks to the footage he was arrested on May 4, and has since admitted to the charges of theft. “I stole them for the purpose of reselling because I wanted money to play,” the man told police.

As for which models he stole, that information has not been disclosed. 

Via Crunchyroll News