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The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Inspires Browser Game

the kingdoms of ruin game

The Kingdoms of Ruin kicked off its adaptation of yoruhashi’s manga of the same name back in October 2023, and now it’s making the leap to a video game. CTW Inc. recently announced plans to release an MMORPG browser game version under the title The Kingdoms of Ruin Endless Rebellion.

Featuring both PvE and PvP action, players will be able to dive into the HTML 5 game on PC, browsers and tablets. There will be an English version, as well, and pre-registrations are currently open.

Here’s how CTW Inc. describes it:

Players assume the role of the protagonist, Adonis, who wields written-style summoning magic, and training companions and enhancing their magical abilities. Join forces with them to have mankind feel your revenge through various content, both PvP and PvE!

The Kingdoms of Ruin anime—directed by Keitaro Motonaga (Date A Live), with Takamitsu Kono on series composition and Hiromi Kato handling character designs at Yokohama Animation Lab production—premiered on October 6, 2023.

Seven Seas Entertainment publishes the manga in English and Crunchyroll already announced plans to stream the anime, describing it like so:

Witches once blessed the human race with wisdom and peace. But the Redia Empire’s “Gear Expansion” brought about a culture of science that far surpassed magic, and witches were viewed as enemies impeding the progress of civilization. Thus began the witch hunts. One human named Adonis, who was raised by a witch named Chloe, swears revenge against the human race that took his beloved mentor from him. What salvation can be found at the end of a bloodbath fueled by utter despair?

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