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PuraOre! Protagonist VA Riku Masuda Takes A Hiatus from Voice Acting Activities



Japanese voice actor agency Digital Double announced today that Riku Masuda, best known as the protagonist character Manaka Mizusawa in the PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~ anime series, will take a hiatus from her voice acting activities. No explanation has been given as to why.


At the same time, the official Twitter for the anime’s seven-member VA unit SMILE PRINCESS announced that as of March 31, she had also left the role of Manaka Mizusawa and the unit. Until her replacement is found, the unit will continue to perform as a six-member unit.




The TV anime PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~ was aired for 12 episodes from October to December 2021. SMILE PRINCESS was formed by Riku Masuda (Manaka Mizusawa), Satomi Hongo (Yu Kiyose), Mayu Sagara (Ayaka Mizusawa), Saika Kitamori (Riko Saginuma), Asuka Shioiri (Naomi Takagi), Yurika Moriyama (Kaoruko Yanagida), and Mami Ono (Yoshino Aoyama). They performed the anime’s opeming theme song and several insert songs.



Manaka Mizusawa was Masuda’s debut role. She wrote on her official Twitter as below:



To our fans who support me, to all concerned, and my co-stars, it has been decided that as of today, March 31, I will be taking a hiatus from voice acting activities. I also would like to inform you that, at my own request, I will leave SMILE PRINCESS and step down from the role of Manaka Mizusawa as a result of it. I sincerely apologize for having to leave and step down from this very important role. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to all of my fans, all of the people involved, and all of my co-stars. I will consider my future activities based on the training I have received and the experience I have gained as a voice actor. Once again, I apologize for any worry or inconvenience this may cause you.






Riku Masuda:



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