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By the Grace of the Gods Season 2 Welcomes Returning Theme Song Artists

by the grace of the gods

The theme song artists from the first season of the By the Grace of the Gods anime are coming back for more. The official website revealed performers for By the Grace of the Gods season 2, which will have MindaRyn returning to perform opening theme song “Way to Go,” while Azusa Tadokoro returns to perform ending theme song “Drum-Shiki Tansaki” (“Drum-Ceremony Probe”).

The second season was previously announced for a January 2023 premiere with Yuiko Tatsumi joining the cast as Miyabi.

Key visual:

J-Novel Club publishes the original light novels written by Roy and illustrated by Ririnra. Here’s the synopsis:

When 39-year-old Takebayashi Ryoma dies from blood loss (after sneezing and hitting his head on the ground), he is reincarnated as an 8-year-old boy in a fantasy world. Not the greatest way to bite the dust, but at least he reincarnates! Set on this path by three major gods, Ryoma begins to live a life of solitude in the forest, studying slimes. But if you’re a fan of isekai…you know life for him won’t be that simple.

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