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Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Millennium Puzzle “Complete Edition” Lights up the Arena


There’s no shortage of Yu-Gi-Oh! merch out there, but this one is a first: a reproduction of Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle that not only fits together like the one in the anime, but also features light and sound effects!


The “Complete Edition” is a scale reproduction of the artifact seen in the 2000 anime series. And just like in the series, clicking the final piece in place sets off a magical reaction. You won’t turn into Yami Yugi (as far as we know), but sound effects and six LED lights will recreate the iconic effect.



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The puzzle plays other sound effects heard throughout the anime, as well as three music tracks from the series: “Passionate Duelist,” “Yugi’s Theme,” and the first opening theme “Voice.”


Wear the Millennium Puzzle into battle, or display it on the included stand:



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Pre-orders are open now on Premium Bandai. The Millennium Puzzle Complete Edition is priced at 8,800 yen (tax included). Orders close March 9, 2023 and will ship out starting in July.


Source: Akiba Souken


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