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YouTube Channel Uses Animation to Teach Modern Art Basics

A promotional image for the Gendai Art wo Kiso kara Manaberu Channel Youtube series featuring the main characters Mimi Gajatouge and Gakurai Boroboyama.


A new YouTube channel entitled “Gendai Art wo Kiso kara Manaberu Channel” (“A Channel Where You Can Learn About Modern Art from the Basics”) aims to make learning about modern art more fun and interesting through the medium of animation, and now – along with the first episode of the series – the main cast and staff for the project have been revealed.


The main staff includes:


  • Screenplay: Hiroshi Kamei
  • Supervision: Hiroki Yamamoto
  • Character design: Tera Terada
  • Director: Yoshitomo
  • Sound production: Bit Grooove Promotion
  • Animation production: AQUA ARIS



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The channel also features voice actor Larissa Tago Takeda as Mimi Gajatouge, an outspoken but socially clumsy high school student who forms a club out of her enthusiasm for modern art, and voice actor Hiro Shimono as Gakurai Boroboyama, a slightly mischievous high school student who is childhood friends with Mimi and who joins her club just to be near her rather than out of any particular interest in art.


Source: Comic Natalie


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