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Yomawari Neko TV Anime Wanders the Night in March 2023

Heizo Endo and Juro the kitten meet in a scene from the upcoming Yomawari Neko TV anime.


The main cast, the main staff, and the Japanese broadcast schedule have been revealed for Yomawari Neko, an upcoming TV anime based on the manga by Kaoru Fukuya about a cat that wanders around at night listening to other people’s problems. The main cast for the series includes:


  • Original work: Kaoru Fukuya
  • Director: Kazuma Taketani
  • Screenplay: Hiroko Kanasugi
  • Music; Kenichi Maeyamada
  • Official theme song: “JUMP” by Kiyoshiro Imawano (cover version)
  • Animation production: Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment
  • Production, copyright: NHK / Sotsu


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Additionally, the protagonist Heizo Endo is voiced by actor Takayuki Yamada, while Juro, a one-eyed kitten who follows Heizo around during his nocturnal ramblings, is voiced by voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki.


Yomawari Neko will broadcast on the NHK network at midnight on March 14, 20, and 27, 2023. A total of 15 episodes will be distributed, and each episode will be approximately 5 minutes in length. The series will also be distributed on NHK Plus.


Source: Comic Natalie


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