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Wild Hearts Game Hunts a Massive Tiger in Latest Gameplay Trailer

Wild Hearts


Sharpen your blades and get ready to hunt Golden Tempest, because this massive, magic-infused tiger monster is the latest to be showcased for Wild Hearts. The hunting action game from EA, Koei Tecmo and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force is due out on consoles and PC on February 17, and you can get a load of the latest earth-shaking showdown below.



Here’s the official description for Wild Hearts, which will feature co-op and cross-platform play:


WILD HEARTS takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, that is now rampaged by the once peaceful Kemono – altering their environment at the cost of citizens’ lives. The Kemono range from plant-infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk wild boar. After a dreadful fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become bearers of a life-sustaining technology and are compelled to restore balance across the region.


Wild Hearts is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Origin, Steam and Epic Game Store.


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