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Watch “Ai no Starshine” Mashup Video from Sailor Moon Musical Complete Box



To commemorate the release of the complete DVD/Blu-ray box set of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon musical series, a mashup video that combines the past performances of the popular song “Ai no Starshine” has been streamed on the Sailor Moon franchise’s official YouTube channel. You can enjoy different atmospheres at each performance.



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The seven-disc set is set to be released in Japan on November 17, 2022. The six shows that are included in the box are:


  • Disc 1: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -La Reconquista-” (2013)
  • Disc 2: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -Petite Étrangère-” (2014)
  • Disc 3: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -Un Nouveau Voyage-” (2015)
  • Disc 4: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -Amour Eternal-” (2016)
  • Disc 5: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -Le Mouvement Final-” (2017)
  • Disc 6: “Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Kaguya-hime no Koibito” (2021)


The bonus disc includes the online event for the release of the complete box, its after talk session, PVs for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Super Live” and “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-.”





Box jacket:



Source: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” official YouTube channel


(c)Naoko Takeuchi, PNP/Musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” Production Committee