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Wataru Hatano Releases New Music Video with An Epic World View, “TORUS”



Voice actor Wataru Hatano (Murasaki in Hamatora, Gajeel Redfox in Fairy Tail) has posted a full music video for “TORUS,” the lead track from his third full album of the same name to be released on November 30.


According to his official website, the title “TORUS” is a word that refers to the continuity of energy. The energy of the universe, nature, and human beings is in a torus shape, and maintaining this shape is said to be normal and clean. The same applies to money, human relationships, etc., and it is a cyclical concept that if you are kind to others, it will eventually come back to you and make you happy. Hatano himself says that he treasures this word.


This “torus structure” is said to have secrets in astronomy, so the music video depicts Hatano as an aspiring astronomer of the past turned astronomer of the future.



“TORUS” music video: 



The 13-song album also contains his ninth single song “Fuwari Fuwari,” 10th single song “Never End!Summer!,” 11th single song “Breakers” (The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window ending theme), and 12th single “Naniiro” (ORIENT ending theme).


Also, the lyrics of “No Man Is an Island,” one of the new songs in the album, were written by his fellow voice actor Soma Saito (Wein in The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt). Saito says, “I was given the themes of ‘torus’ and ‘love,’ so I wrote the lyrics with the image of feelings going around and everything being connected. This is a song that gradually sinks in to your heart with Hatano-san’s personality and voice becoming one with the sound! Once again, congratulations on your 10th anniversary!”



Soma Saito:



“TORUS” CD+Blu-ray edition:



CD-only edition:



9th single “Fuwari Fuwari” short MV:



10th single “Never End!Summer!” short MV:



11th single “Breakers” MV:



12th single “Naniiro” MV:



Source: Wataru Hatano official website