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Waccha PriMagi! Franchise’s New Game Project Confirms Its November 2 Launch



Following the broadcast of the TV anime’s final 51st episode in Japan on Sunday, the Waccha PriMagi! idol-themed mixed media franchise has announced that its new game project entitled Waccha PriMagi! Studio is set to launch on November 2, 2022.


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Waccha PriMagi! is the latest entry in Takara Tomy Arts’ “Pretty Series” and has been available in Japan since October 2021. It is an amusement game where players can enjoy a realistic experience as if they were using magic.


Based on the concept of “I am the star,” its new series Waccha PriMagi! Studio will be developed in the style of a music studio, focusing on “My Character” more than ever before. In the game’s studio, the player and their friends’ “My Chara” are lined up like performers on a music show, and the player can walk down the runway, participate in various events including coding polls, to create the game together. Through creating “My Chara,” the game offers a “metaverse” experience in which players feel as if their alter egos are in the game.


The game will feature two magicians (Manamana) as MCs – Chimumu in her human form that was introduced in the anime’s final episode, and Myamu, who has been the main character in the show. In addition, a new mysterious princess character, Himeme, will also join.






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