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VA Unit IBERIs& to Release 2nd Major Single “SUMMER RIDE” in July



The official website for eight-member voice actress unit IBERIs& (pronounced E-Be-Ri-Su-And) has announced that their second major single “SUMMER RIDE” is set to be released from Universal Music on July 5, 2023, and posted their new artist photo for the single.


In July 2022, the eight members were chosen from among 3,347 applicants in “SUN AUDITION – Let’s Create Your Story! A Story of You Becoming a Voice Actor Artist,” an open audition that aimed to find members of a new voice actress unit. Then they made their major debut with their first single “We Don’t Stop!” from Universal Music on March 1, 2023. The single peaked at #34 in Oricon’s weekly single charts.


Their second single song “SUMMER RIDE” is introduced as “a dance-pop song with the theme of ‘Let’s enjoy the summer together!’.” As with the first single, it will be released in nine editions – one “IBERIs&” edition and eight “Solo Member” editions featuring each member. A 24-page photo booklet will come with the “IBERIs&” edition as a bonus.



“IBERIs&” edition CD jacket:



IBERIs& members:


  • Momoka Ikeda
  • Misaki Ohashi
  • Hanaka Ogawa
  • Hinano Suzuki
  • Rei Sonoda
  • Momoko Nishio
  • Nanami Hamazaki
  • Haruka Minami


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Their major debut single song “We Don’t Stop!” music video:



“IBERIs&” edition CD jacket: 



Their pre-debut single song “Catch the SUN” music video:



CD jacket:



Source: IBERIs& official website