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Urusei Yatsura Edo Glassware Celebrates the Return of Darling Lum

Urusei Yatsura Edo Kiriko glassware


Raise a glass to the return of everyone’s favorite alien darling!


Lum, the star of Rumiko Takahashi‘s enduring classic Urusei Yatsura, is back on our screens this season. In her honor, character goods company PREMICO is selling a limited run of Edo Kiriko glassware inspired by the invader. The tradition of Edo Kiriko (“faceted glass from Edo”) dates back to the early 1800s, and involves an intricate freehand glass-cutting style passed down through generations of artisans.


These glasses are emerald green, inspired by Lum’s hair color, and bear a variety of cut and printed patterns: tiger-striped stars, lightning bolts, and a little silhouette of Lum herself in flight. The bottom of each glass features a portrait of Lum and a limited-edition number:



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The glass arrives in a paulownia box, also decorated with character imagery:



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You’ll have to be quick if you want one of these glasses for yourself. Only 400 will be sold, priced at 32,780 yen each (tax included). Pre-orders are now open through PREMICO, with glasses due to ship out starting in April 2023.


Source: Comic Natalie


© Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan / Urusei Yatsura Production Committee




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