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Urusei Yatsura and Onitsuka Tiger Collab for Lum-Style Sneakers

Onitsuka Tiger x Urusei Yatsura


Sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger has the perfect name for a crossover with a certain revived anime series. And wouldn’t you know it—they went for it.


The collaboration with this season’s new take on Urusei Yatsura has just launched its official website, featuring an animated short where Lum and Ataru go shoe-shopping in Neo Shibuya. It goes about as you’d expect:



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The collaboration expands into the anime series itself, with Onitsuka Tiger merch popping up in both previous and upcoming episodes.


The centerpiece of the collab is a pair of tiger-striped sneakers—the same ones Lum shops for in the short. Only 700 pairs will be available, and are priced at 24,000 yen each. Also available will be sweatshirts and totes featuring collab art:



Sales start October 27, with the shoes available in 15 countries around the world. The sweatshirt and tote will only be available in Japan.


In addition, a pop-up shop will open in Shibuya from October 29 to November 6. Designed to be reminiscent of Neo Shibuya as featured in the short film, the shop will also feature an exhibit of art inspired by the collaboration.



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The newly-produced Urusei Yatsura TV anime is currently being streamed on HIDIVE.


© Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan/”Urusei Yatsura” Animation Production Committee


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