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Titans Clash in Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex Short Film Teaser Trailer

Godzilla and Gigan brawl in a scene from the upcoming Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex 3DCG short film.


If you’re in the mood for some giant monster action, then check out the teaser trailer for Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex, an upcoming 3DCG short film that will be officially released at the Godzilla Fest 2022 convention which will be held on November 03, 2022 at the Tokyo International Forum venue in Tokyo, Japan.



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A sequel to the 2019 short film G vs. G, Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex is directed by Takuya Uenishi, a 3DCG director who also worked on modeling and composition for Shin Godzilla (2016). The official theme of Godzilla Fest 2022 is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972), which is directed by Jun Fukuda.


A promotional poster for the upcoming Godzilla Fest 2022 convention featuring a close-up look of the face of one of the latex rubber suit costumes used to create Godzilla media.


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Other attractions for Godzilla Fest 2022 include the live unveiling of a new Gigan suit and a new special effects video directed by Kazuhiro Nakagawa. In addition to being held in-person at the Tokyo International Forum venue, Godzilla Fest 2022 will also be livestreamed on the Godzilla Channel Youtube feed. Admission to both the convention and the livestream is free to the public.



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