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Three Men Confess and Apologize for Groping Statues at Ghibli Park

Earlier this month Otaku USA published an article titled “Ghibli Park Has a Problem with People Groping Statues” because some people at the park had been posting pictures online that were deemed lewd. These pictures including them groping female figurines and taking up-skirt shots of statues. The pictures created a stir and some negative articles toward Ghibli Park.

Studio Ghibli did not comment on it, but Hideaki Omura, the governor of the prefecture that Ghibli Park is located in, gave a public statement saying, “These displays are there so that everyone, from children to adults, can immerse themselves in the works of Studio Ghibli. It’s extremely unpleasant for photos like these to be uploaded to social media. It’s extremely regrettable and I sincerely want it to stop.”

There’s been an update on this whole issue, and it’s not to say that it’s continued. In fact, three individuals have come forward, said they were the ones behind these photos, and publicly apologized.

The men went to the prefectural office to apologize in person. According to Omura, the men were now anxious that their actions may be a bad influence on people. They also wanted to speak with the Ghibli Park promotional department.

“Taking those photos went beyond the level of a practical joke. We’ve caused a lot of distress to everyone,” the men are reported as saying. “We endeavor not to cause any mischief in the future.”

Omura, for his part, has said he anticipates he will “earnestly accept the apology.” He had previously talked about taking legal action against the people responsible for the photos, but since some or possibly all of them have come forward, he now simply says, “I would like this to mark the end of this matter.”

As with before, Studio Ghibli has chosen not to speak publicly about the matter.

Source: ANN


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