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The Seven Deadly Sins Gowther VA Yuhei Takagi to be Hospitalized for 10 Days for Surgery



Voice actor Yuhei Takagi, best known as Gowther in The Seven Deadly Sins anime franchise, reported on his official Twitter account on Monday that he will be hospitalized for ten days for surgery. Details of his symptoms have not been disclosed, but he says they are not serious. The surgery is scheduled for mid-afternoon on October 18.


He wrote, “I will be hospitalized for ten days from today. I apologize for any inconvenience and concern this may cause to those of you who are involved in my work. The surgery is said to be a simple one, so I will be able to return to work at the end of the month.”





He added in the following tweet to reassure his fans, “By the way, I’m totally fine. The surgery seems to be a simple one and will be over soon. I’d rather use this time to slowly digest movies, manga, and anime. At least I’ll watch Cobra Kai until dinner and try to raise the overall fighting level of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.”





Yuhei Takagi:



Source: Yuhei Takagi official Twitter


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