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The Fight Begins in Shonen Jump’s Newest Manga Do Retry

 Do Retry

Image via Viz Media


It’s time to grab your boxing gloves and head into the ring because the newest Weekly Shonen Jump manga series brings the fight in Jun Kirarazaka’s Do Retry. The manga series began today in the weekly magazine in Japan and also in English through Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app.





According to Manga PLUS, which is also releasing the manga in English, Do Retry is about a “war orphan Aozora will swing his fists to protect his little sister” in post-war Japan with Viz Media describing the series as “a scrappy young war orphan [that] refuses to stay down!”


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Do Retry is Jun Kirarazaka’s second punch at a weekly series in Weekly Shonen Jump, having published Bone Collection from April 27, 2020, to August 24, 2020, shortly after publishing a one-shot of the same series earlier in 2019.


Source: Shonen Jump on Twitter


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