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The Apothecary Diaries Gets Adorable Mini-Anime

There is a lot going on with The Apothecary Diaries franchise! On top of the anime series debuting over the weekend and the announcement that Square Enix Manga & Books will be releasing the light novel series in print next year, we have an extra “mini-anime” titled Maomao’s Diaries (Maomao no Hitorigoto in Japanese). Three episodes have already debuted. The episodes, which are about a minute and a half long, have Maomao talk about something that was involved in the main anime (in this case, she talks about face powder, chocolate, and lotus blossoms).

You can check out the mini-anime here:

As for the voice actors, Aoi Yūki plays Maomao, Takeo Ōtsuka plays Jinshi, Katsuyuki Konishi plays Gaoshun, Atsumi Tanezaki plays Gyokuyō, Yui Ishikawa plays Lihua, Hina Kino plays Lishu, Yuko Kaida plays Ah-Duo, Megumi Han plays Meimei, Ami Koshimizu plays Pairin, Hiroki Nanami plays Joka, Kimiko Saitō plays Yarite Babaa, Hiroshi Yanaka plays Luomen, Kenji Akabane plays Lihaku, Misaki Kuno plays Xiaolan, and Mitsuaki Kanuka plays Yabu Isha.

J-Novel Club, which is releasing the light novels in the digital format, gave this description for the plot:

In the East is a land ruled by an emperor, whose consorts and serving women live in a sprawling complex known as the hougong, the rear palace. Maomao, an unassuming girl raised in an unassuming town by her apothecary father, never imagined the rear palace would have anything to do with her—until she was kidnapped and sold into service there.

Though she looks ordinary, Maomao has a quick wit, a sharp mind, and an extensive knowledge of medicine. That’s her secret, until she encounters a resident of the palace at least as perceptive as she is: the head eunuch, Jinshi. He sees through Maomao’s façade and makes her a lady-in-waiting to none other than the Emperor’s favorite consort… so she can taste the lady’s food for poison!

Source: ANN


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