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Tezuka’s Black Jack Manga Returns for 50th Anniversary as AI x Human Co-Production

Black Jack


Tezuka Productions announced today that in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka’s legendary Black Jack manga, the series will be returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Champion this Fall under a joint creation model called “AI x Human.” The artificial intelligence model will be based on GPT-4, best known for its 3.5 version used as the basis of ChatCPT.


Black Jack


The creation of the new Black Jack stories will be a Tezuka Productions co-production with a GPT model created by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as a “research project” says Professor Satoshi Kurihara of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University who will be on the experiment. 


Kurihara goes on to explain, “Great technology requires careful consideration of the negative aspects that are currently being discussed. Through this research project, we will answer the fundamental question of what kind of relationship between the ever-evolving AI and people/society should be built in order to realize the ideal human society in the future.” 


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Macoto Tezka, the president of Tezuka Productions and produced the AI manga Paidon as part of the TEZUKA2020 project, says that “it’s been three years since Paidon and AI is advancing in leaps and bounds…This time, various creators will actually collaborate with AI to create new methodologies for content creation. Japan’s manga culture may have a new future ahead of it.”


The new Black Jack manga, under the TEZUKA2023 project banner, will launch this Fall in Weekly Shonen Champion


Source: Mantan Web


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