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Technoroid Overmind Anime Previews OP/ED Themes

technoroid overmind

Symphogear co-creator Noriyasu Agematsu previously revealed plans for the Techoroid Overmind anime—which is just one part of a mixed media project—before it got hit with a COVID-19 delay. The anime has since been rescheduled for January 4, and a new promo is here to reveal the opening and ending theme song details.

The opening theme song will be “LOVE NO HATE” by KNoCC, and the ending theme will be “Invisible -one heart-” by KNoCC and STAND-ALONE. Both of the groups are in-universe units comprised of characters from the show. KNoCC features voice cast members Kazuki Ura (Cobalt), Satoi Shibuya (Chrom), Hiromu Mineta (Kei) and kayto (Neon). STAND-ALONE features Makoto Furukawa (Kite), Keigo Hagiya (Light) and Gakuto Kajiwara (Night). 

In addition to composer Noriyasu Agematsu leading the charge, the Technoroid Overmind anime has Imu Gahi (Sonny Boy episode 4 director) at the helm, with Ayumi Sekine (IDOLiSH7) on series composition and Saori Sakiguchi (number24) on character designs. 

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