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Sword Art Online Creator to Launch New VRMMO Novel Series This November

Demons' Crest light novel header

As the creator behind both Sword Art Online and Accel World, there’s no denying that Reki Kawahara has been a central pioneer of the VRMMO genre of light novels since the influential debut of both series well over a decade ago. Now, in between continuing their serialization, it’s been announced that the first volume of a new genre entry by Kawahara titled Demons’ Crest will hit shelves on November 10 in Japan.

Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON! character designer) is providing illustrations for the series, including a visual and four main character designs that were released alongside initial story details.


Demons' Crest light novel visual

Yuma Ashihara

Demons' Crest Yuma Ashihara character design

Sawa Ashihara

Demons' Crest Sawa Ashihara character design

Kenji Kondo

Demons' Crest Kenji Kondo character design

Minagi Sano

Demons' Crest Mingai Sano character design

The story is reportedly set in the year 2031, in which elementary school student Yuma Ashihara participates in a beta test of the world’s first full-dive VRMMO-RPG called “Actual Magic (AM)”, only to lose consciousness while playing and wake up in a world where the game and reality have merged. A death game then unfolds in “mixed reality.”

Source: Mantan Web, Dengeki Bunko