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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale English Dub Reveals Cast & Crew, Release Date

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Get ready to be swept off your feet by another fantastical English dub, because the magical charm of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is the next in line to come riding into Crunchyroll starting on Friday, January 20!


Here’s the main cast and crew who’ll be carrying the show:





  • ADR Director: Shawn Gann
  • Assistant ADR Director: Sara Ragsdale
  • Lead ADR Engineer: Jamal Roberson
  • Assistant ADR Engineers: Seth Aulds, Domonique French
  • ADR Script Writer: Katelyn Barr
  • ADR Script Supervisor: Katelyn Barr
  • ADR Prep: Brandon Peters


Key Visual

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime visual


Official Trailer


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Based on the light novels by Miri Mikawa and Aki, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is directed by Yohei Suzuki (Planet With) at studio J.C.STAFF, with series composition by Seishi Minakami (A Certain Scientific Railgun), character designs by Haruko Iizuka (Horimiya) and music by Hinako Tsubakiyama (SABIKUI BISCO).


If you’re a fan of female-led fantasy anime, don’t miss the first episode of the English dub when it lands on January 20, right here on Crunchyroll!


Anne Halford is on her way to fulfill her dream of becoming a confectionary artisan, a Silver Sugar Master—however, the road to her destination is filled with a world of danger. To protect herself, she reluctantly buys Challe, a fairy forced into a life of servitude, but she seeks friendship more than a lackey. Torn between his freedom and her needs, she must confront what the sweet life is worth.



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