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Spring Anime Endings That Left Us Wanting More

These anime endings got us good!

With the spring anime season coming to a close, a lot of shows are launching their finales. Whether it’s a good-bye or a bye for now, lots of these episodes have left us wanting more. Whether it’s a cliffhanger by design or the vibe that there’s more beyond episode 12, these anime endings still have us on the edges of our seats.

Here are just a few finales that stick out. Which ones hit you hardest?


Kizuna no Allele

Kizuna no Allele

Some anime endings are all about antici…pation. Whether it’s because a new season’s already been announced or you have other news clueing you in, you may know that there is more to come. Kizuna no Allele, for instance, has announced tons of cast members yet to be properly debuted. So while we were left hanging by episode 12, we at least know there’s more to come.

Inspired by trend-setting VTuber Kizuna AI, Kizuna no Allele imagines a world where aspiring virtual performers can go to a special school to achieve their dreams. Among them is Miracle, who dreams of winning the Lapin d’Or like her idol AI. While she’s unskilled, she makes several friends at ADEN Academy—all of whom mutually build each other up. As the spring season draws to a close, exciting things are on the horizon. But those exciting things, it seems, will have to wait a bit longer!


The Aristocrat’s Otherworldly Adventure

The Aristocrat's Otherworldly Adventure

Some anime endings are “soft”… the kind that hit right where a story beat ends, but the larger tale could still continue. And considering Cain von Silford is already approaching god-tier abilities at his young age, it’s not that strange that an all-or-nothing battle could leave us wanting more.

The Aristocrat’s Otherworldly Adventure takes us right up to a key battle with a fallen god. But considering the light novel is still running, it’s not really a spoiler to say that Cain survives and carries on. The last few minutes of the final episode of the season clue us in to the next chapter of his life. Will we see it animated? Or will we have to turn to the isekai light novels themselves to see what happens next?


Magical Destroyers

Magical Destroyers

Anime endings for media mix projects are a little tougher to pin down. The whole point of the anime is to bring you into the greater world of the project—games, manga, merch, and so on. Some shows, like takt op.Destiny, serve specifically as mobile game prequels. And then you have projects like Magical Destroyers where the ending might be setting the stage, or it might be waiting to push ahead.

This anime series, about a world in which otaku are oppressed and magical girls fight back, took some sharp twists and turns toward the end. The last couple of episodes changed everything we knew about the series. But is that to lay the groundwork for the rest of the franchise, or will we see a continuation of this epic otaku battle?

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