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Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime Studio KAI Posts 381 Million Yen Loss

Skeleton Knight in Another World


Anime Studio KAI had their financial results for the fiscal year ending December 2022 published publicly by the Official Government Gazette on April 17 showing that not only did Studio KAI lose millions of yen last year, but their losses are increasing year over year.


Studio KAI, a subsidiary of ADK Emotions, best known for being the production house for anime such as Skeleton Knight in Another World, FUUTO PI, Super Cub and the currently airing third season of Umamusume, was originally set up to employ animators full-time rather than as freelancers,


Studio KAI’s profit and loss statement

Studio KAI’s profit and loss statement via gamebiz


The statement, which can be seen above, shows that Studio KAI lost 381 million yen (US$2.82 million) in 2022. This is on top of the 104 million yen (US$772,000) that KAI lost in 2021. The studio is now in debt by 1.37 billion yen (US$10.17 billion) with income at negative 1.05 billion yen (US$7.79 million). 


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The studio has only 341 million yen (US$2.53 million) in assets, split over 315 million yen (US$2.33 million) in liquid and 26 million yen (US$193,000) in fixed assets and 53 employees.


Source: Game Biz


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