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Shouta Aoi Digitally Releases Pop Team Epic Season 2 Opening Theme “PSYCHO:LOGY”



Without advance notice, voice actor/singer Shouta Aoi released his first digital single song “PSYCHO:LOGY” on October 9. The digital rock tune is now featured as the opening theme for the ongoing second season of the TV anime Pop Team Epic. It has been about one year and three months since the release of his previous 13th single song “give me ♡ me” (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X ending theme) in July 2021.


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Following the first episode’s opening theme “Endless Love,” “PSYCHO:LOGY” was used in the anime’s second episode aired in Japan on October 8, and released digitally as a surprise to coincide with the broadcast. Aoi has appeared in the anime since its first season in 2018. 


In a video message on Twitter, he says, “In addition to the cyber-digital sound, my singing voice was recorded in a slightly classical style, so you can enjoy various Shouta Aoi’s voices in one song! It’s a very cool tune, I hope you enjoy the song as well as the anime!”



“PSYCHO:LOGY” official audio video:



“Pop Team Epic Season 2” opening movie featuring the song: 





Digital single jacket:



Artist photo:



Source: Shouta Aoi official website / Twitter / YouTube channel


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