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SHINEPOST New Original Idol Unit Himawari Symphony Announces Its Voice Cast



Konami Digital Entertainment’s idol-themed multimedia franchise SHINEPOST has announced the voice cast for the four members of its new original idol unit Himawari Symphony (SunflowerSymphony). The unit is scheduled to appear in the forthcoming mobile SHINEPOST Be Your Idol!, which has been in development.



Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan) as Nagi Agarie:

– Calm and cool. She has an absolute sense of pitch and a natural sense of how to do everything without hesitation. Since she became an idol at the enthusiastic urging of her parents, she has no goals for herself yet.




Momo Sakurai (idol group ≠ME member) as Airi Kotomori:

– A seeker of kawaii. She has been studying how to present herself in order to become the cutest idol. She is not good at studying, but she has the ability to see things for what they really are.




Sora Tokui (Nico Yazawa in Love Live!) as Asuka Yakushiin

– She is a quiet and graceful young lady. She enjoys tea ceremony and flower arrangement and rarely watches TV, but she suddenly fell in love with idols and persuaded her parents to make her idol debut.




Yuki Wakai (Leona West in Idol Time Pripara) as Minato Minamizaki:

– She is an energetic girl who is good at dancing. She is happy-go-lucky but lacks confidence in her cuteness, and hopes to work behind the scenes as a choreographer in the future. She loves American culture. She thinks that American Dog (corn dog) is American culture.






“SHINEPOST Be Your Idol!” teaser:




Source: Konami Digital Entertainment press release


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