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Shin Kamen Rider Shows Double Tokusatsu Fun in Spoiler-Filled Trailer

Shin Kamen Rider


Shin Kamen Rider has been riding through Japanese theaters over the last week and now feels comfortable showing more of the Hideaki Anno-directed film in a brand new spoiler-filled trailer that reveals more of the monsters of the movie as well as certain plot points that would get even the most causal Kamen Rider fan excited.



Alongside the trailer, it was finally officially confirmed that Yutaka Takenouchi, Takumi Saito and Masami Nagasawa all appear in Shin Kamen Raider after appearing in previous Shin movies as well as Nao Omori.


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Shin Kamen Rider re-imagines the original Kamen Rider story with Shin Godzilla and Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno at the helm. It was released in Japan on March 18 with special premiere screenings at 6 PM on March 17 in various theaters across Japan.


Source: Mantan Web


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