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Shin Kamen Rider Film To End Theatrical Run in Japan on June 4


The official website for Shin Kamen Rider has announced that its theatrical run in Japan (excluding some theaters) will end on June 4, in 78 days since its release on March 18.


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Announcement PV:


In addition, the film’s three main cast members — Sousuke Ikematsu (Takeshi Hongo), Minami Hamabe (Ruriko Midorikawa), and Tasuku Emoto (Hayato Ichimonji) — sent their handwritten messages of gratitude to everyone who has seen and loved the film.


Sousuke Ikematsu: “I’ll leave the rest to you.” 



Minami Hamabe: “Glad it reached you.” 



Tasuku Eomoto: “That’s nice.” 



Shin Kamen Rider, the latest tokusatsu reboot film project helmed by Hideaki Anno following Shin Godzilla (2016) and Shin Ultraman (2022), was released fully in 374 theaters across Japan on March 18. Unlike the previous two Shin films, it failed to make its No.1 debut, ranking second in its opening weekend, behind the live-action film adaptation of Akumi Agitogi’s fantasy light novel My Happy Marriage. It also received mixed reviews from the audience. It ranked only sixth on Filmarks’ first day satisfaction ranking with an average rating of 3.64/5.0 based on 4,800 reviews.


The film stayed on the weekend box office top 10 for seven weeks, and has earned an estimated 2.28 billion yen (16.2 million USD) from its domestic run, which was about 27.6 percent of Shin Godzilla‘s total domestic gross and 51 percent of Shin Ultraman‘s.



“Shin Kamen Rider” trailer:



Source: “Shin Kamen Rider” official website / Twitter


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