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Serial Experiments Lain Anime to Release 25th Anniversary Alternate Reality Game


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Serial Experiments Lain anime series, “Layer 3301: De-Cipher,” an alternate reality game (ARG), is scheduled for release in response to enthusiastic requests from fans. Prior to the release, a special website for the mystery solving game opens today.


The TV anime Serial Experiments Lain was aired for 13 episodes from July to September 1998. The story set in a future in which humanity is connected to others through a digital network called “The Wired.” The protagonist, a young girl named Lain Iwakura, must traverse The Wired and find her place in both the real and digital worlds.


Under the supervision of producer Yasuyuki Ueda, who produced the original anime series, Anique Corporation, in collaboration with digital collectible animation studio Kasagi, is developing the game that offers an immersive experience that allows fans to experience the enigmatic world of Lain.


“Layer 3301” can only be accessed through the soon-to-be-released digital goods “Protocol Key”. Fans can use the Protocol Key to interact with digital elements to unlock new aspects of the story of Lain. Upon completion of the puzzle, users will receive exclusive digital, real and phygital items, as well as the actual cells used in the production of the Lain anime.


“Layer 3301” will be available through the purchase of the Protocol Key and will be released before the end of June 2023.



Source: Anique press release


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