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Sentai Filmworks Acquires Carole & Tuesday Anime For Future Home Video Release


Sentai Filmworks has announced that it has acquired the 2019 anime Carole & Tuesday for a release on home video sometime this Fall. Carole & Tuesday was created by legendary anime director and writer Shinichiro Watanabe.


The anime also features a real-world twist, as Carole & Tuesday was also meant to look and act like an existing musical act that was featured across mainstream music press with R&B singer Nai BR.XX in the role of Carole Stanley and pop singer Celeina Ann in the role of Tuesday Simmons.


The group was also meant to debut during the highly regarded and visible South by Southwest music festival in 2020 as a tie-in to the anime, before COVID-19 upended those plans indefinitely with the festival’s cancellation that year. Sentai describes the series:



Key Visual


In the not too distant future, AI-generated music dominates entertainment on Mars, where the cutthroat music industry churns out dozens of plastic stars manufactured for mass appeal. It is here that Carole Stanley, an aspiring singer and orphaned teenage refugee from Earth, struggles to makes ends meet with odd jobs all the while dreaming to become a musician. That dreams suddenly comes closer to reality when she meets fellow teen Tuesday Simmons, who is also a wannabe musician. Tuesday has her own set of problems, but their troubles fade away when they band together to write music the old-fashioned way in defiance of AI-generated convention. With the winning combination of Carole’s keyboard, Tuesday’s guitar and their vocal harmony, this powerhouse duo take on the Martian music world together—but life in the big city isn’t always kind to naïve young hopefuls like Carole and Tuesday.


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