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Sadako Haunts Tokyo Taxis for Sadako DX Movie Collab

A promotional image from the upcoming "Sadako Taxi" collaboration featuring the ghostly Sadako posing next to a Sadako-themed taxi cab in Tokyo at night.


Denizens of Tokyo will soon be able to experience haunted taxi rides, because Sadako DX, the latest film featuring the ghoulish revenant from the Ring movie series and its Sadako spin-offs, is teaming up with the S.RIDE taxi smart phone app for a “Sadako Taxi” collaboration.


A promotional image from the "Sadako Taxi" collaboration featuring the ghostly Sadako popping out of the taxi signage via an augmented reality app.


The collaboration features 50 taxis in the Tokyo area that will boast special Sadako-themed artwork, a special in-cab video featuring Sadako instructing passengers to buckle their seat-belts, and an augmented reality program that allows viewers to see Sadako crawling out of the signage of their taxis. The “Sadako Taxi” collaboration runs from October 24 – November 06, 2022.


A promotional image from the


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Sadako DX is directed by Hisashi Kimura and features a screenplay by Yuya Takahashi, music by Kôji Endô, and production / distribution by KADOKAWA. The film hits theaters in Japan on October 28, 2022.


Source: Cinema Cafe


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