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RWBY Ice and Snow Empire new key visual & PV release

The TV anime ” RWBY Ice and Snow Empire ” will be the original anime from the 4th episode of the broadcast on July 24th. Along with this, new key visuals and PV have been lifted.

The key visual shows Team RWBY standing up to save Weiss, who was trapped in the dream world. The PV recorded the battle between Weiss and Ruby, which was originally developed in the anime. Also , the end card and comments of the third episode by Hiroyuki Asada arrived. The end card depicts Zion Seiden, an anime original character who cooperates with Team RWBY to defeat Nightmare.

Furthermore, in preparation for the broadcast of episode 4, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting will hold a screening of episodes 1 to 3 on July 24th. From August 5th, all-you-can-watch anime, d anime store, Bandai Channel, and U-NEXT will also offer unlimited viewing of the original Web animation “RWBY” series. In addition, GYAO! Will deliver “RWBY” one by one from August 7th to October 9th. Check each delivery service for details.

In addition, the jacket of the mini-album “Revealed Dimensions”, which is a compilation of inserted songs by Void_Chords, will be unveiled on September 21st. It was also announced that the soundtrack of the same work will be released on September 21st.