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ROUNDUP: Fans Share Their Favorite Naruto Memories for the 20th Anniversary



If you’re reading this there’s a strong chance you love anime. And even stronger chance Naruto was one of, if not the anime that made you fall in love with the medium. In celebration of the boy would be Hokage and his 20th anniversary, let’s take a look at the fans’ favorite moments from the franchise.



Will you attend the ceremony as my father?



There will be a time when people can truly understand one another



Naruto with his parents



The truth about Itachi



When Rock Lee stopped holding back



…and when he got drunk



Naruto and Sasuke fight together against Momoshiki



Shikamaru is your god now



It’s in his kiss



Zabuza and Haku’s final moment






Sakura cuts her hair



Sakura vs Sasori



Rock Lee vs Gaara



Kakashi vs Obito



Gaara finds out his mother loved him



Things are finally back to normal



I’m not good at giving up



Speaking of giving up…



The friends we made along the way




What Naruto moment means the most to you? Let us know in the comments!