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ROUNDUP: Chainsaw Man Anime Hype Hits Celebrities, Xbox and… the US Consumer Product Safety Commission?

Denji and Pochita in Chainsaw Man


Chainsaw Man has finally cut its way into the fall anime season and everyone’s abuzz with excitement. From the absolute majesty of the opening to Pochita’s adorable bark, we’re all excited to watch the rest of Denji’s adventure unfold. 


As someone who’s been a part of anime fandom for decades, I’m not surprised by the community’s outpouring of love for the series. Seeing the explosion of “Pochita is best pupper” and “Denji and Power dancing to the beat” posts comes with the territory when there’s so much hype for a show. It’s delightful to engage with, that being said, there have been some surprising participants in the Chainsaw Man hype. 


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There are some brands I expected such as Xbox Game Pass taking the time to remind us about Gears of War. It’s a well-played strategy when there’s a hashtag dedicated to chainsaws going around Twitter right now. 



Actor Rahul Kohli (The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, and the voice of Scarecrow in Harley Quinn) also tweeted about needing the rest of the show…now! I definitely appreciate having my Tuesdays spoken for but waiting a week for the next episode is gonna be tough.



While those two shoutouts were appreciated, the one that took me off guard was the US Consumer Product Safety Commission tweet about the “man made of chainsaws.” 



I expected it to be a joke account, but after going to their Twitter page I realized that they were the real deal. They went on to tweet about Pochita (or, as they said, the chainsaw dog) before offering up an entire thread of chainsaw safety tips. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.



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According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were an estimated 21,162 chainsaw-related emergency room injuries in 2021. From there they offer tips on making sure your chainsaw isn’t damaged before you use it, where to plug it in (be sure to avoid wet or damp spaces) and to NOT carry it by the cord. Good to know that Denji’s been carrying Pochita around correctly this whole time.


While they do say these tips might not work if you yourself are a chainsaw, they’re probably good to keep in mind if you find yourself coming across a snuggly pup that can be weaponized as one. 


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