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Retro Shin Kamen Rider Snack Causes Pre-Order Website to go Down, Sales Suspended

Shin Kamen Rider


In the lead-up to Hideaki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider film, which is taking the original series and putting Anno’s Shin spin on the story, many companies around Japan have come out with retro Kamen Rider goods to enjoy the retro-renaissance of the long-running tokusatsu franchise. 


Japanese snack food maker Calbee got in on the fun, re-releasing their Kamen Rider chips from 1971 under the new Shin branding with the same taste as the original flavor. Only one problem, when pre-orders started for the full set, which included all 48 cards that will be placed randomly in the packs released on selves, the company’s site went down due to the demand.


Shin Kamen Rider


Calbee has a long and successful history with Kamen Rider. One of the first chips the snack maker released was Kamen Rider branded with cards featuring visuals from the franchise. The collaboration was so successful that Calbee is well known for its chips and continues to sell them around the world. 


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The product page for the Shin Kamen Rider set will announce when pre-orders will go back online with the chips set to be released across Japan in March alongside the release of the film in the same month.


To be fair, it was probably just Anno refreshing the page to get as many copies as he could.


Source: Oricon


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