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RESULTS: Which OP Did You Choose as the Hottest of the Summer?



The summer is finally winding down as we break away from the heat and move into cooler times, but before we officially get to a changing of the seasons, it’s time to figure out which OP you all voted as your favorite of the summer season! A big thank you to the over 1100 votes received in order to tally up these results! Without any further ado, let’s see the top 5 hottest OPs of summer.


#5: The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting – “Mirai no Hero Tachi e” by Shō Takeyaki – 65 votes/6 percent



This is a fun opening that helps showcase the fun dichotomy the show presents. You get a pretty cheery opening song that presents the numerous characters in the show and are able to see how a tough yakuza fellow can also have a soft side when he’s babysitting the boss’ daughter. A good way to get you ready for each week’s episode.


#4: Black Summoner – “Ataman Chū Dead End” by RetBear – 94 votes/8 percent



There’s a lot going on in this opening from the very fun song with its jazzy piano riffs to the incredibly striking visuals that bombard you throughout. It’s definitely the kind of opening that demands your attention, but that’s also a good thing because it’s so nice to look at. There’s also kind of a video game opening vibe to this, which I certainly wasn’t expecting.


#3: Classroom of the Elite – “Dance in the Game” by ZAQ – 162 votes/14 percent



ZAQ is back at it again with another fun anime opening theme as this track is really fun to listen to. One thing I really like about this opening is that it gives you the lyrics to the song throughout but embeds them into the actual animation itself rather than subtitles. That gives it a much more striking detail you don’t see a often in anime openings.


#2: Lycoris Recoil – “Alive” by ClariS – 183 votes/16 percent



Lycoris Recoil has been one of the breakout shows of the summer season and it’s helped by having a really good opening theme like this one. It’s hard to not bop your head along with the music when you’re watching each episode. Plus, you get the characters in fun poses that make it fun to watch each and every week.


#1: Overlord – “HOLLOW HUNGER” by OxT – 214 votes/19 percent



There’s a lot to be said about how an opening builds excitement over the course of the 90 or so seconds it has, and Overlord’s fourth season opening really does an excellent job of this. From the way the music continuously builds and how the animation mirrors this by creating this underlying tension until you see numerous battle scenes as the music crescendos, it’s an incredibly well-done combination that can get fans hyped for each episode.


Congratulations to Overlord for being your favorite OP of the summer. A well-deserved victory! Thank you again to everyone who voted and get ready for fall where there’s going to be some tough decisions to be made.


Was your favorite able to make the top 5 or were there any entries that you were surprised by? Let me know in the comments below!




Jared Clemons is a writer and podcaster for Seasonal Anime Checkup and author of One Shining Moment: A Critical Analysis of Love Live! Sunshine!!. He can be found on Twitter @ragbag.