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Regional Mascot Kumamon Cameos in Delicious Party Pretty Cure TV Anime

Kumamon, the bear-themed regional mascot character from Kumamoto Prefecture, makes a surprise appearance at a ramen shop in a scene from the upcoming Episode 32 of the Delicious Party Pretty Cure TV anime.


If you can barely contain your enthusiasm for mascot characters and magical girls, then you’ll soon be in luck, because Kumamoto Prefecture’s lovable regional mascot, Kumamon, is making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of Delicious Party Pretty Cure.


Ran Hanamichi and Yui Nagomi are surprised to encounter Kumamon while eating ramen at a ramen shop in a scene from the upcoming Episode 32 of Delicious Party Pretty Cure.


Kumamon will appear in Episode 32 of the series, which will broadcast in Japan on October 16, 2022, as a special guest at a festival that celebrates various noodle dishes. Kumamon has previously appeared as a surprise guest on the Delicious Party Pretty Cure Youtube special program on August 31, 2022, where he made a parfait with Cure Finale and they danced the ending theme song dance together.



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Delicious Party Pretty Cure is the 19th installment in the Pretty Cure magical girls anime series, and it features direction by Toshinori Fukazawa and animation production by Toei Animation. Crunchyroll describes the story of the series as follows:


The mysterious, delicious world of CooKingdom, which rules over all the cuisine in this world. CooKingdom has closely guarded the Recipe-Bon, in which it’s written how to prepare any dish. But, oh no! One day, it gets stolen by the Bundoru Gang! The Bundoru Gang plans to monopolize everything for themselves, and their next target is the Cuisine Fairy Recipeppi… The Energy Fairies have come to Oishi-Na Town in the human world in search of the Recipe-Bon. With their help, an unexpected turn of events leads to three ordinary girls transforming into Pretty Cures!



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