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RECS: VTuber Noir Vesper Shares His Top 10 Anime



This interview is part of our series of articles and interviews with the members of HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS- and CEO Motoaki Tanigo. This series includes interviews and recommendation lists from some of the world’s most well known VTubers. You can read Noir Vesper’s interview here, and you can see all of the upcoming articles below!



As the academic advisor to TEMPUS, Noir Vesper brings logic and rationality to temper his fellow guildmates’ personalities. If you’ve seen any of his streams, though, you’ll know that he has a heart of gold and a warmth that connects all of his viewers. Vesper has shared a list of his top anime with us, and, as you can see below, he is truly a man of culture.







Hajime no Ippo


Yowamushi Pedal




Yu Yu Hakusho


Love Live!




Encouragement of Climb


Image via Official Website

Cromartie High School




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You can watch Noir Vesper’s streams here!



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