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QUEEN BEE Performs Raven of the Inner Palace Opening Theme in White World



Four-member Japanese rock band QUEEN BEE (known as Ziyoou-vachi in Japan) has posted a music video for their eighth single song “MYSTERIOUS,” which has been featured as the opening theme for the fall 2022 TV anime Raven of the Inner Palace.


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“Raven of the Inner Palace” opening movie: 



As their first physical single release in a year, the CD single of “MYSTERIOUS” is set to be released in Japan on October 26. It has been three years since their previous anime theme song work, their fifth single “Kaen (FIRE),” which was used as the first opening theme for the 2019 TV anime Dororo.


In the music video for “MYSTERIOUS,” the story unfolds around the band’s performance in a white world, showing off the charm of each member and the world view of the song. The video was directed by Sayaka Nakane, who has collaborated with the band since the release of their third single “HALF” in 2018.



First press limited edition CD jacket:



Regular edition:



QUEEN BEE artist photo:




The TV anime adaptation of Kouko Shirakawa’s Raven of the Inner Palace novel series premiered in Japan on October 1 and has also simulcast on Crunchyroll for its members in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and CIS.




What is the true identity of the solitary Raven Consort? The Raven Consort is a special consort living deep in the inner palace who, despite her title, does not perform nighttime duties for the emperor. Some who have seen her say she has the appearance of an old woman, while others describe her as a young girl. The Raven Consort’s name is Shouxue. She has the ability to use mysterious arts and will accept any favor asked of her, whether it is to find something lost or to curse someone to death. The current emperor, Gaojun, visits her one night to ask a favor. Their meeting exposes a secret that will turn history on its head…






Key visual:



Source: QUEEN BEE official YouTube channel


©Kouko Shirakawa/SHUEISHA, Raven of the Inner Palace Committee