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Princess Connect! Re: Dive Meets Shadowverse’s Luna!

Heyas, Knights! While strictly speaking, Halloween festivities may be quickly approaching their end in the world of Astraea, we’ve still got a thematic new crossover character to introduce everyone to. Tie that in with new game updates and campaigns to round out the bulk of October, and you’re looking at a month of exciting things for Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Learn more after the break!


Princess Connect! Re: Dive


Crossing over from the world of Shadowverse is the necromancer herself, Luna! While she has a bit of an unfortunate past, her necromantic powers carry over to the world of Astraea, where she provides both generous TP regeneration alongside magic damage output that scale with how many, uh, friends she’s been able to summon. (Look, the lore is a bit unfortunate here. Just read the character story if you get the chance.)


Like Arisa, another character hailing from the world of Shadowverse, Luna’s a permanent character, meaning that she’ll still be in the regular Premium Gacha rotation after her Focus Gacha ends. However, during the Focus Gacha you’ll enjoy boosted draw rates and the ability to redeem character points for her – so this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!


The Luna Focus Gacha runs for 11 days, from 10/2, 23:00 UTC to 10/13, 22:59 UTC.



After the Luna Focus Gacha, our special gacha attention goes towards a short stint with the return of the Prize Gacha, offering some of Landosol’s most unique characters a spot in the spotlight. This time, we’re focusing on some of the headliners for Twilight Caravan: namely, the guild leader Ruka, and the nerdly, yet deadly combination of Nanaka and Eriko. Combine this lineup with the added bonuses from the Prize Gacha, and you’ve got a lineup worth checking out.


For the unfamiliar, when performing draws on a Prize Gacha, you’ll first pick one of the highlighted units in question – then, every time you perform a draw, you’ll also get an additional entry into an additional gacha that can reward you with more Divine Amulets, Memory Shards of the chosen character, and other rewards! Plus, the characters in question will have increased draw rates, making this a great opportunity to round out your boxes (and your resources!) if necessary.


The Ruka/Nanaka/Eriko Prize Gacha runs for four days, from 10/13, 23:00 UTC to 10/17, 22:59 UTC.



There’s some suspicious activity going on in the world of Astraea. According to Nightmare, the guild Dragon’s Nest may be run by a gang. This calls for a secret investigation of epic proportions. Join Nightmare’s Tomo and Matsuri as they explore the home of Dragon’s Nest and meet up with Kaya, Inori, and the guild leader, Homare. Maybe you’ll even get to see some real-life dragons.


Speaking of dragons, you’ll be up against some unique challenges as this event features unique, exclusive boss battles, where you can test your skills in three varying difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Very Hard is set to be the toughest of the bunch, and is only clearable once per day. If you’re craving even more of a challenge, we’ve also prepared another Special difficulty Boss, with unique challenges and mechanics that will challenge you in new ways across three different modes. Of course, for each boss you best, you’ll earn rewards worthy of your troubles, such as Victory Medals, equipment, and more. 


In order to fight the bosses, though, you’ll need to spend Boss Tickets. These Boss Tickets can be obtained by clearing event stages, as well as from login bonuses while the event is active. If you don’t successfully defeat a boss on your first attempt, don’t sweat it – you can retry as many times as necessary, and non-lethal damage dealt to a Boss carries over between attempts.



As an added bonus, we’re also increasing the experience gain rates for completing Event Quests. During the event, clearing Event Quests will give 1.5x times the normal experience, in addition to the normal Mana, items, and Boss Tickets that these quests give out. 


The Victory Medal Gacha also makes its splash for the event! Clearing event stages, event missions, and defeating the previously mentioned bosses will earn you Victory Medals, which can be exchanged for a plethora of goodies. There’s a predetermined series of reward lineups, each featuring a key reward – once you roll the current lineup’s key reward, you’ll have the opportunity to either reset the rewards and move ahead to the next lineup, or hold off on resetting to clear out all the possible rewards. Here are the key rewards you should look out for!


  • Lineup 1: Matsuri’s Memory Shard x 20
  • Lineup 2: Tomo’s Memory Shard x 25
  • Lineup 3: Matsuri‘s Memory Shard x 30
  • Lineup 4: Tomo’s Memory Shard x 40


Just remember – once you’ve gone through the four initial lineups, you won’t be able to reset the active lineup until you’ve obtained all the possible rewards from the current active lineup.


The Dragon Explorers story event will be available from 10/2, 23:00 UTC to 10/16, 22:59 UTC.



Make room for October with a new content update drop. Continue charting your course through Diestal Ravine (South), featuring new enemies, new challenges, and new rewards for your troubles. Here, you’ll find new equipment that can raise your characters to a maximum of 4 equips at rank 15, as well as new Hard Quest nodes for Kokkoro, Mifuyu, and Ninon (Oedo). Making your way through Area 29 will also fully unlock Chapter 14 of the Main Story.


We’ll also be increasing the level cap from 145 to 148. With so much content coming out at once, you’ll want to start saving up Mana and EXP potions as soon as possible! In addition, new BGM will be added to the Memorial Jukebox for further customization.


The October content drop lands on 10/13 at 13:00 UTC.



Lima. Lima Lima Lima. Lima! 


Who is the cutest in all of Astraea? We know where our votes would go. Nothing says cute like another 6★ ascension. Get ready to watch Lima get right into the fray with her 6★ Union Burst. You will be able to obtain Lima’s Pure Memory Shards by completing Very Hard stage 19-22. Recall that you will also need Princess Orbs from the Temple Trek in order to ascend your character. *Note* This process cannot be reversed. 


Very Hard Main Quest stage 19-2 and 6★ ascension for Lima will be unlocked on 10/2 at 9:00 UTC.



Picture yourself with lots of friends but your competitive edge pushes for a challenge against your friends. Well, have no fear. Friend Battles is here! Now you can set parties to have a mock battle in Arena against your friends. Have you been wanting to make your way up the Arena or Princess Arena but getting stuck against a certain team? Now you can set teams to fight against your friends to help them in their Arena climb. 


In addition, you’ll be able to post parties to clan chat and have other clan members battle it out in Arena against your set party. Talk about a great way to build your Arena teams and satisfy your competitive spirit. The Friend Battles function will be available on 10/2 after 13:00 UTC. Get ready to take on your friends in the battle of the century.



Spookify your guildhouse to match the Halloween mood. Fortify your personal space with even more tricks to make sure your favorite heroines have a great time. If you’re down for more purple, black, and orange, you’re in for quite the treat.


This limited-time furniture set will be available starting from 10/2, 23:00 UTC to bring the tricks and the treats into your guildhouse. This furniture set will only be available until 11/1, 22:59 UTC, so make sure to check it out before the party ends. The newest additions to the Halloween-themed furniture set are as follows:


  • Kyoka’s Black Cat Broom
  • Ai the Eyeball Cushion
  • Halloween Trick Box
  • Mummy Bunny
  • Halloween World



Good news! Everyone’s beloved drop-boosting campaign is back. Running Normal Quests between 9/28, 13:00 UTC to 10/2, 12:59 UTC, and 10/10, 13:00 UTC to 10/15, 12:59 UTC will net you double the normal drops from completing those quests, including equipment, Mana, and more. It’s like getting multi-ball in pinball, but replace the balls with drops.


After hitting up double drops in Normal Quests, get ready to pour some espresso shots because we’re moving straight into “grot-two” territory! That’s right, you’ll get double the amount of Mana and EXP potions as you complete Grotto Quests during the Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign. Prepare to see double in Grotto from 10/2, 13:00 UTC to 10/10, 12:59 UTC.


Finally, double drops make their way to Sanctum Survey and Temple Trek. These special expeditions net you rare resources for unlocking your characters’ full potential, in the form of Unique Equipment and 6★ Ascensions, so it’s hard to say no to bonus resources here. Whether you’re working hard to unlock your existing characters potentially, or prepping for the future, these double drops are a welcome sight. Mark your calendars for 10/13, 13:00 UTC to 10/18, 12:59 UTC.



For easy reading and accessibility, included below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today. Thank you for playing Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Knights! These special promotions wouldn’t be available without all of your support. We hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive! 


See you in Astraea, Knights!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check the in-game notifications at the start of the events for the full details.


  • Luna Focus Gacha (10/2 23:00 UTC to 10/13 22:59 UTC)
    • Boosted rate-up for Luna within the Focus Gacha.
    • Luna will also be available for redemption via character exchange points.
  • Ruka, Nanaka, & Eriko Prize Gacha (10/13 23:00 UTC to 10/17 22:59 UTC)
    • Boosted rates for Ruka, Nanaka, and Eriko, also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Obtain special prizes including Divine Amulets and Memory Shards when drawing this Prize Gacha.
  • Story Event: Dragon Explorers (10/2 23:00 UTC to 10/16 22:59 UTC)
    • Event missions give 1.5x experience.
  • October Content Update (10/13 13:00 UTC)
    • Main Quest Area 29 unlocked.
    • Level cap increased from 145 to 148.
    • Character equipment cap increased from 15-3 to 15-4.
    • Chapter 14 of the Main Story fully unlocked.
  • 6★ Characters Release (After 10/2 13:00 UTC)
    • Lima can now have their 6★ character unlocked. 
      • *Note* Once a character is upgraded to 6★, you can not reverse the process.
  • Friend Battles Added (10/2 After 13:00 UTC)
    • Players will be able to fight mock battles in Arena against parties set by friends.
    • Players can post their parties to clan chat so other members can battle their party.
  • New and returning limited-time furniture added to the Guildhouse Shop (10/2 23:00 UTC to 11/1 22:59 UTC)
  • Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign (9/28 13:00 UTC to 10/2 12:59 UTC)
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/2 13:00 UTC to 10/10 12:59 UTC)
  • Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/10 13:00 UTC to 10/15 12:59 UTC)
  • Sanctum Survey & Temple Trek Double Drop Campaign (10/13 13:00 UTC to 10/18 12:59 UTC)