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Princess Connect! Re: Dive Dials Up the Dragons with Kaya!

Heyas, Knights! ⚠️Trade offer ⚠️: We receive your time and attention, and you receive an article filled with the latest and greatest news and events that are coming your way to Princess Connect! Re: Dive. It’s even free! Deal? 



Get ready to make draconic waves with Kaya, a new character to the world of Astraea! Y’all probably have gotten a taste of her and her guild in the current story event, Dragon Explorers – what better time to give one of them their own spotlight? This physical damage-dealing dragonfolk is built for bringing the heat. Her Union Burst, Dragon’s End Fist, isn’t just your usual “massive damage dealing UB for physical units” – the first time it’s used during each wave, it’ll deal nearly triple the amount of damage it normally does. First impressions? Absolutely destroyed. Second impressions? Still adequately powerful.


As a regular member of the brand new guild Dragons’ Nest, Kaya’s a regular character, which means she’ll be sticking around in the premium gacha after her Focus Gacha ends. However, with all the 3★’s available now (and plenty more in the works!), the Focus Gacha will be your best opportunity to obtain her, considering the boosted draw rates and character point redemption that’ll be working in your favor. 


The Kaya Focus Gacha runs for 15 days, from 10/17, 23:00 UTC, to 11/1, 22:59 UTC. 



Three Star Character

Fifteen Hundred Paid Jewels

Guaranteed You Are


That’s right, the 3 Guaranteed Premium Gacha will be making a return worthy of a haiku. Once during the campaign period, you can spend 1,500 Premium Jewels to perform a 10-draw on the Premium Gacha line-up, with the added bonus of your 10th character being a guaranteed 3★ character. Talk about a poetic ending!


The 3 Guaranteed Premium Gacha runs for seven days, from 10/17, 23:00 UTC to 10/24, 22:59 UTC.



It’s time to join Anna as she heads out to (once again) look for the perfect job. Whether you’re looking to spend a good time with Ruka, Anna, and the rest of Twilight Caravan or just want to gain some rewards, you know you’ll be in for one heck of an adventure. 


No matter if you’re spending time with Ruka, Anna, or the rest of Twilight Caravan, you’ll be able to collect rewards and read through the story once again during the return of the Twilight Breakers story event. Be sure to do your best, Knights!



During the event, clearing Event Quests will give 1.5x times the normal experience points, in addition to the normal Mana, items, and Boss Tickets that these quests give out. Talk about a rewarding time!


Speaking of rewards, the Victory Medal Gacha lineup has also been revamped in our revival event. Take a look at the updated key rewards:


  • Lineup 1: 2 Sets of Mitsuki’s Memory Shards x 20
  • Lineup 2: 2 Sets of Anna’s Memory Shards x 20
  • Lineup 3: 2 Sets of Mitsuki’s Memory Shards x 20
  • Lineup 4: 2 Sets of Anna’s Memory Shards x 20


The Twilight Breakers revival story event will be available for eight days, from 10/17, 23:00 UTC to 10/25, 22:59 UTC.



October is already coming and going, you know what that meansit’s time for the limited-time challenge to make a return: the Tower of Luna opens its doors once again for challengers to climb! The supercharged dungeon is back and it has prepared a new set of 10 floors complete with unique monsters, Shadows, and a new set of bosses to beat, with bountiful rewards for your troubles. Don’t worry, your progress from the last Tower of Luna event is carried over and you can continue the ascent from the floor you left off. Remember, your party of characters can carry over between floors (assuming none of them hit 0 HP), and you can reset your characters to full HP once a day. Can you make the climb up to the 360th floor and complete the EX mission?


The Phantom Passage will also be making a stunning return. Once you complete the 360th floor, you’ll be able to attempt the Phantom Passage, a challenging floor you can complete daily for additional prizes. Get ready for a true display of skill!


The Tower of Luna reopens its doors for five days, from 10/17, 13:00 UTC to 10/22, 15:59 UTC. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to finish Main Story Quest 9-1 in order to access the Tower. We wish you the best of luck, adventurers!



Sagittarius is back with their trusty dog and they will not bow down to you without a fight! Get your teams ready to hunt the centaur. Rally your allies, plan out your teams, and start practicing those timelines, because the October Clan Battle is coming soon! Work with the aid of your fellow clan members to take on monsters too powerful for adventurers to handle alone. The October Clan Battle features a gauntlet of five bosses, and you’ll be able to perform up to three clashes a day on whatever boss your clan’s currently on, earning a clash attempt for every 300 stamina spent. After the event is over, you’ll earn precious Memory Shards, Clan Coins, and Jewels, depending on how well your clan did! The reward structure is the same as before, but you’ll earn Suzume Memory Shards this time around.


The October Clan Battle is live for five days, from 10/26, 13:00 UTC to 10/31, 07:59 UTC. Don’t forget to get in those hits three times a day!



We’re back with another bevy of double drops campaigns. Nothing is more exciting than earning double the mana. You’ll be doing exactly that during the Dungeon Double Drop Campaign which runs from 10/15, 13:00 UTC to 10/24, 12:59 UTC.


To help with farming the latest and greatest, the Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign also makes a return. Get double the equipment, Mana, and other items when completing Normal Quests during the campaign period. Don’t worry, you’re not only seeing double. The campaign will run from 10/17, 13:00 UTC to 10/22, 12:59 UTC and once again, from 10/30, 13:00 UTC to 11/5, 12:59 UTC.



Don’t miss out on Grotto Double Drops starting on 10/17, 13:00 UTC to 10/25, 12:59 UTC! We’ve easily grown to love these grotto drops, since it’s hard to say no to bonus Mana and Experience Potions. Use these resources to help your characters get stronger and overcome tougher challenges, as every resource obtained via the Grotto during the promotion’s duration will be doubled.


You’ll also not want to miss Hard Quest double drops, dropping from 10/25, 13:00 UTC to 10/30, 12:59 UTC. Memory shards are used to ascend your characters, enhance their Unique Equipment, and many much more. With each node being limited  , any opportunity to expedite the enhancement process is very much welcomed and double drops will do just that! Enjoy double drops on everything you get out of Hard Quests while the campaign is active.


Finally, double drops will also be available in Sanctum Survey and Temple Trek, also from 10/25, 13:00 UTC to 10/30, 12:59 UTC. Use the items from here to help unlock and refine your characters’ maximum potential in their Unique Equipments and 6★ Ascensions! If you’ve been looking to maximize your characters’ power, now’s the time to do it – and if you’re already content, it never hurts to have more resources so you’re well stocked for the future.



For easy reading and accessibility, included below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today. Thank you for playing Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Knights! These special promotions wouldn’t be available without all of your support. We hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive! 


See you in Astraea, Knights!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check the in-game notifications at the start of the events for the full details.


  • Kaya Focus Gacha (10/17 23:00 UTC to 11/1 22:59 UTC)
    • Boosted rate-up for Kaya within the Focus Gacha.
    • Kaya will also be available for redemption via character exchange points.
  • 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha (10/17 23:00 UTC to 10/24 22:59 UTC)
  • Story Event: Twilight Breakers Revival (10/17 23:00 UTC to 10/25 22:59 UTC)
    • Re-run of Twilight Breakers Revival story event with modified rewards and challenges.
    • Event missions give 1.5x experience.
  • Tower of Luna (10/17 13:00 UTC to 10/22 15:59 UTC)
    • Unlocked after completion of Main Story Quest 9-1.
    • Complete each floor for rewards.
    • Reset your teams back to full health daily.
    • Progress made during this month will carry over towards future Tower of Luna events.
    • Floors 351-360 and EX Floor 360 unlocked.
    • Clearing Floor 360 allows you to attempt the Phantom Passage.
  • October Clan Battle (10/26 13:00 UTC to 10/31 07:59 UTC)
  • Dungeon Double Drop Campaign (10/15 13:00 UTC to 10/24 12:59 UTC)
  • Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/17 13:00 UTC to 10/22 12:59 UTC)
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/17 13:00 UTC to 10/25 12:59 UTC)
  • Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/25 13:00 UTC to 10/30 12:59 UTC)
  • Sanctum Survey & Temple Trek Double Drop Campaign (10/25 13:00 UTC to 10/30 12:59 UTC)
  • Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/30 13:00 UTC to 11/5 12:59 UTC)