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Pop-Up Shop Celebrates 30 Years of the Yu Yu Hakusho Anime

Yu Yu Hakusho pop-up shop art


30 years ago, Yoshihiro Togashi‘s manga series Yu Yu Hakusho debuted as an anime. To celebrate this big anniversary, the A3 Store in Japan is rolling out a line of special goods featuring brand new art of your favorite characters!


The calligraphy-centric line features Yusuke, Hiei, and more dressed up in traditional attire and holding brush pens. You can pick up character goods including acrylic standees, pins, keyrings, art boards, and clear cases:



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A3 will also be releasing a line of GraffArt goods: cute chibi variants drawn in a sketchier, more freehand style:



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You can see the full line of goods available on the A3 Store website. The goods will be on sale in-store until October 19, with select items available by mail-order as well.


© Yoshihiro Togashi 1990-1994

© Pierrot / Shueisha


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