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Pop Team Epic Fashion Goods Turn Popuko and Pipimi into Your OOTD


Add Popuko and Pipimi to your wardrobe!


The weirdly adorable (and adorably weird) stars of Bkub Okawa‘s Pop Team Epic have become fashion as part of a new collab with Tokyo Otaku Mode. The original goods consist of two long-sleeved shirts and a headband, each bearing one of their smiling faces.


The logo shirt features the series title on the front, a face on the back, and some emotive hand gestures on the sleeves:



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There’s also a tee modeled on the girls’ school uniform, complete with sailor collar (and yet another face):



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Top your look off with a Popuko hairband:



All the goods are now available for pre-order from Tokyo Otaku Mode. Popuko and Pipimi will begin shipping out to join their fans’ wardrobes in mid-May.


Source: Comic Natalie


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