Pokémon VA For Professor Oak, James, Meowth Retires After Cancer Diagnosis

Pokémon VA For Professor Oak, James, Meowth Retires After Cancer Diagnosis

In January, voice actor James Carter Cathcart and his wife Martha Jacobi announced that he had been diagnosed with an “advanced cancer that appears to have started at the base of his tongue (the ‘waterfall,’ where the tongue goes into the throat), and has spread into both sides of his tongue and also some lymph glands in his neck.”

Cathcart has played Professor Oak, James and Meowth in Pokémon, as well as lending his voice talents to Yu Gi Oh!, Tokyo Mew Mew, One Piece, The Slayers and many more.

This week, Jacobi gave some updates on Cathcart’s health, writing,

“On Easter Monday (April 10th), we learned that Jimmy’s tumors didn’t respond to the induction chemotherapy as much as was anticipated, and that a more aggressive chemo approach was necessary. This is leading back to the previously rejected 1st-line of chemo drugs. Our hope is now that he will be among the 80%-plus who do *not* experience long-lasting tinnitus and hand/finger neuropathy from the medication. (And kudos to Kathy Brunjes who developed ‘The Changing Hope System’ that I learned in Hospice Chaplaincy training, 30+ years ago…. it helps to frame our experiences in these days of personal “existential uncertainty” D. Grand ).

A new round of scans is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19th, along with a second effort at the radiation mapping and simulation session — this time under general anesthesia — to make sure that everything that needs to be put in place, can be. . .

The newest treatment plan (it seems to change almost daily) is for Jimmy to begin the ‘definitive treatment’ on or about May 1st — that will be 7 weeks of 5-day/wk radiation therapy with simultaneous chemotherapy in weeks 1, 4, and 7 — we will let you know what happens with that.”

Not surprisingly, Cathcart is going to stop doing voice-over work and concentrate on his health.

“Jimmy has decided to retire from script adapting and voice dubbing for Pokémon USA, effective at the conclusion of Season 25,” Jacobi explained. “He has been with the series since the 1st episode, so it is a timely decision as the series transitions to new characters and story lines.”

You can find ways to help Cathcart here.

Source: Caring Bridge


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