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PLUTO Anime Adaptation Premieres in 2023



Netflix and Genco announced today that the long-anticipated PLUTO anime adaptation will premiere on Netflix this year, alongside the first long-form preview for the forthcoming series from Studio M2. The anime was first announced in 2017 with the cooperation of Tezuka Productions, with anime producer Masao Maruyama giving an unofficial update to the project in 2022. 


Pluto Anime Sneak Peek


The initial cast for the series was also announced, with Shinshu Fuji in the role of Gesicht, Yoko Hikasa in the role of Atom and Minori Suzuki in the role of Uran. More information on the anime will be released on March 25 at this year’s Anime Japan. Macoto Tezka, the son of Osamu Tezuka, will act as a supervisor for the series and gave comments on the upcoming adaptation alongside manga illustrator and writer Naoki Urasawa and manga co-author Takashi Nagasaki.


Macoto Tezka


Finally, PLUTO will become an anime, something I always thought PLUTO deserved. There have been many attempts to do it, but they all fizzled out because of the complexities of the story and I admit that this is definitely not an easy task. But that’s why it’s worth the challenge, The animated PLUTO is the real deal, and in addition to this being Urasawa’s latest work, this is also a new Tezuka anime. I can hardly wait to see how this new generation of anime turns out.


Takashi Nagasaki


The original story PLUTO is based on, is a story of the most powerful robots competing against each other.t. Many were more fans of “The Greatest Robot on Earth” than they were of Astro Boy, and in the midst of this excitement, I had an inkling that this was not just a story about who was stronger, but something deeper. When we decided to create PLUTO, I understood: Osamu Tezuka was a prophet. The wars that we face today are the result of the failure to understand and respect the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and their different ways of thinking. PLUTO inherits the philosophy of Tezuka and does not merely convey a message of anti-war, but reminds us that there is suffering on both sides” but still, the only remaining answer is peace. 


Naoki Urusawa


Since its publication sixty years ago, “The Greatest Robot on Earth”, an episode of Astro Boy, has won over the hearts of many just as it moved my heart with its pathos that could hardly be put into words. Knowing firsthand how difficult a task it is to create a remake, I applaud the courage of everyone that has taken on the challenge of making an anime based on PLUTO. I am excited about the birth of this new series to win over people’s hearts. I hope that now more than ever, Osamu Tezuka’s message reaches the world. 


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