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P.A. Works Teams Up With Toyama Fire Department to Spread Safety Awareness

Toyama Fire Department x P.A. Works


Earlier this week the Toyama Fire Department unveiled a fire new collaboration with local anime studio P.A. Works to drive disaster prevention education in the prefecture. P.A. Works developed two new original characters for the campaign that will feature in fire departments, elementary schools and daycare centers in Toyama prefecture.


The Toyama Fire Department requested P.A. Works for the campaign due to their popular anime series, support for local areas and the fact that they are situated in Nanto City in the prefecture, as well as appealing more to younger people who may not be aware of fire safety. 


Toyama Fire Department x P.A. Works


The two characters are elementary school students who wear a happi – a traditional Japanese coat worn by firefighters in old Japan – that are used in real-life education activities by the prefecture and has a design based on Toyama. They are both holding a matoi with the kanji for “wealth” on it. A matoi is a traditional flag used by firefighters in the Edo period to notify other firefighting groups.


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Posters, life-size standees and clear files of the characters will be distributed to groups around Toyama by the end of the month ahead of the start of the autumn fire prevention campaign which starts on November 2 that features the pair. 


Sources: Toyama Shimbun, Chunichi Shimbun


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