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Our Favorite Anime Announcements from Jump Festa

Jump Festa promises more SPY x FAMILY, among other things

Jump Festa is always an exciting event for anime and manga fans. With lots of popular manga titles to their name, Shonen Jump always brings big news during its annual event. From Naruto to My Hero Academia to One Piece to fresh new titles, there’s lots to be excited about!

Singling out what we’re personally most hype for is tough… but we’re giving it a go. Here are three big reveals that have us psyched for the coming year in anime!


The Return of Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist season 3

It may have faded into the background recently, but Blue Exorcist is making a big return after five years! As announced at Jump Festa, the anime adaptation will be getting a third season next year—marking its first television outing since 2017’s Kyoto Saga.

Based on the manga series by Kazue Kato, Blue Exorcist follows twins Rin and Yukio Okumura, who discover they’re the literal sons of Satan. With his newly awoken powers, Rin decides to follow in Yukio’s footsteps and become an Exorcist: a trained warrior who protects humans from demons. The next animated stage of their journey is now in production.


Early Look at Undead Unluck

Undead Unluck

Fans of Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga Undead Unluck likely already knew it was getting an anime. But at Jump Festa, we got a huge news drop and a first look at the upcoming series! Bad luck for Fuuko… but great luck for us.

Our heroine is Fuuko, a shoujo manga-loving girl whose “Unluck” power means she can never find the romance she dreams of. But there’s one person who doesn’t mind her bad luck: “Andy,” whose own power means he can never die. As he searches for a way to end his immortality, the duo are roped into an organization of similarly-powered Negators. From there, it gets… big. How big? Anime fans will find out next year.



Spy x Family returns!

SPY x FAMILY enjoyers, rejoice! The wholesome intrigue series is coming back, as announced at Jump Festa. And we’re not just getting a second season… we’re also getting a movie!

Tatsuya Endo, the creator of the original manga series, will be penning a new original story for the film. So even if you’re already into the manga, there will be brand new adventures to enjoy. Both the film and the second series are coming in 2023, as we continue to follow the Forger family through their adorable deception. So if you’re not caught up to season 1, now is a good time to do so!

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